All My Life - A Storyteller 

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Storytelling is an art.  A good story can bring the past to the present. It can ignite the imagination revealing possible futures.  

And so, for children, storytelling is a powerful influence that can help shape attitude and change perspectives. It can give courage and hope as a way forward.  Or simply provide comfort and love. For me, creating stories for children is one of the most important ways I can give back to the world and truly make a difference.

Throughout my professional career, I have enjoyed learning from those in both the creative and design industries and have become a professional storyteller of brands.  What incredible fun it was to shape a brand as well as to create the marketing programs that told that story to the world market.

But for all the excitement around creating and launching products for Fortune 500 companies, I kept coming back to the power, influence and silliness of creating stories for children. When I hear children laugh as they listen to one of my stories, the world is a wonderful, magical place...and I'm reminded that I'm on the right path.