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My eNewletter will cover the Whoo-Hoos and the Boo-Hoos behind story creation and publication.  It's a labor of love, definitely, but also a really fun journey.  I hope you can join me as I embark on the next edition of Fraydo the Dragon and all its formats and programs.

What can you expect from CSA Story Tribe?  

I wear several hats. I'm an author, marketer, and a publisher. 

So, you'll be getting two sides of the story: The Creative POV and The Publishing POV.

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The Creative POV:
This more free spirited side focuses on the evolution of the characters, what programs I have running to help the characters  interact with their readers, and other fun, creative developments.

The Publishing POV:
This more serious side focuses on production, marketing and rollout tidbits that happen behind the scenes.  It's actually super fun to work with so many talented people on a project.